Does your business have an IT/IS project planned but no way to get it off the ground? Does your staff need some augmentation to make sure that all the project goals are assessed and accounted for? Network Therapists provides consultants for just such needs for businesses like yours.

Do you find yourself being a little shortsighted in planning for computer capacity or needs? Caught in a neverending upgrade cycle that leaves your finances tapped and your computers always a generation behind?
How best can current technologies be applied to your business? Can you be sure that you are weighing all options available? Network Therapists can strategize with you to make sure that the "big picture" is met while all the details are effectively ironed out before any purchasing or implementation begins for your project.
Once you make your purchase, you need experienced technical staff on hand to set up, install, and make sure all your equipment works as planned. Network Therapists can provide you with staff to make sure your deployment or rollout goes smoothly, with no interruptions or disruptions to your current business.
Local area networks and wide area networks are essential to sharing data and communication across companies. Even the smallest business can benefit from the sharing or pooling of computer resources as opposed to leaving each computer standalone.
Many companies also need some degree of Internet access these days, whether it be a simple email address or full-blown web hosting. Network Therapists has extensive experience in setting up budget-conscious businesses with the right level of networking they need while keeping options open for future growth.

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