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Network Therapists was founded in October of 2000 by Matthew Snoddy.  As the business market in Lexington and the surrounding cities has grown drastically, the number of small and medium sized companies demanding computer and network help has also grown.  Many companies cannot pay the exorbitant full-time salaries demanded by IT workers these days, so Network Therapists grew to fill that void.  By only bringing in experienced and knowledgeable staff for specific problems or projects, companies can save the money that would be spent on fulltime staff, and can get more for their money by cutting out HR issues and getting staff up to speed.
Network Therapists has a single goal in mind: to bring clients and solutions together for total customer satisfaction.  Many other larger computer companies use pressure tactics or intimidation to encourage clients to use expensive or inefficient solutions.  These same companies also bank on their solutions requiring future maintenance or work, meaning your business effectively pays many times over the original quote.  We at Network Therapists feel that if it can be done better, even at the risk of never again needing maintenance by us, then that's the way it'll be done.
Computers and networks are expensive, and represent a sizeable investment for any business.  You owe it to your company to make sure those resources are being used to the furthest of their capacity.  Network Therapists can ensure that happens.

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